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C. Fitz works with creative force Denizen to produce Star Wars "The Last Jedi" marketing campaign.

Our executive producer, C. Fitz, produced this mammoth Star Wars movie marketing campaign for the December 2017 launch of "The Last Jedi" film for Disney. With over 1.8 million views on Facebook the content was an instance social media hit. Clients: Fitz's production team worked with creative force The Denizen Group and client's Disney Studio, Lucasfilm, Verizon, Disneyland, and Comic Con. Shot live during New York Comic Con. Producer: C. Fitz Directors: Joe Matsushima, Amy Matsushima, Joel Jenson Cameras: 12 Spaceship built in LA by Goodnight & Co Production Designer: Gillas Correa DP: Hal Long Disney Studio execs: Dustin Sandoval, Jessica Intihar, Jackie Taketani, Greg Dunbar, Lindsay Dragon, Chrissy Penido Lucasfilm: E Ewel, Este Meza