Johnny Depp's "Mad Hatter Surprise"

C. Fitz produced this tricky shoot at Disneyland with Johnny Depp in Vancouver. Through the love of satelite images they surprised lucky Disneyland visitors who thought it was only a movie poster, until Johnny moved and came to life!!! With hidden cameras and Johnny's fabulous quick wit this spot to promote Disney's "Through the Looking Glass" garnered over 11 million views on Facebook, and 2.5 million on YouTube. (link in our NEWS).


Working with Disneyland, Johnny, The Denizen Group (creative agency), Fitz pulled off this spot in a one day shoot on time and on budget! Depp dons his full Mad Hatter costume and surprises Disneyland-goers via an interactive billboard fitted with a hidden camera. He winks, waves, and smiles at passersby, and at one point, he yells, “Ouch!” when a woman leans against the display. He also introduces himself, fittingly, as the “Had Matter” and asks to fit a child for a hat, telling her, “You have a wonderful cranium.”