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"Jewel's Catch One"

We are pleased to announce the completion of Director C. Fitz's feature documentary, Jewel's Catch One after 6 years in the making.

"Da Vinci's Demons" TV Special

Fox International Channels’s creatives; Ade Sellars, Max Pickwoad and Tom Cropper, worked with C. Fitz and Dancing Pictures in the United States to produce a half-hour special for Starz’s new series, “Da Vinci’s Demons”. The special, “Genius In The Making”, is being aired across the globe in all the Fox International Channel's territories.

Showtime "Masters of Sex”

This SHOWTIME Special Feature was shot in Los Angeles by Dancing Pictures with the cast of “Masters of Sex.” This special highlights the new season and the explosion of the sexual revolution pioneered by Virgina Johnson (#LizzyCaplan) and William Masters (#MichaelSheen). The shoot was also graced by the rest of the

"An Undeniable Voice"

AUV_Poster_R3[1] (1).jpg

A STORY OF HOPE - More than 1.5 million children perished during the Holocaust.

Most of the estimated 130,000 who survived were girls. The majority of boys, their faith revealed by the evidence of circumcision, were not saved.



During the summer of 2007 director, C. Fitz documented the legendary Provincetown cabaret show "Showgirls," and the engaging stories of those involved. A Monday night staple at the Crown & Anchor, musical performers, comedians, drag queens 

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