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Disney's Star Wars “The Last Jedi”

Marketing Campaign

Our executive producer, C. Fitz, produced this mammoth Star Wars movie marketing campaign for the December 2017 launch of "The Last Jedi" movie for Disney.

With over 1.8 million views on Facebook the content was an instance social media hit.

Clients: Fitz's production team worked with creative force The Denizen Group and client's Disney Studio, Lucasfilm, Verizon, Disneyland, and Comic Con.

Webby Winner

"Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos"

Webby Award Winner
"Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos"
Producer: C. Fitz
Agency: Denizen Group
We created this video to launch a YOUTUBE channel "HelloDenizen" We are proud to announce we are a 2015 Webby Award nominee and have over 10 million hits.


Disney's Pirates of the Carribbean

"Johnny Depp Surprise"

C. Fitz and her production team teamed up with the creative forces Denizen and Disney Studios to produce this social media hit garnering over 16 million views on Facebook.


Johnny Depp posing as himself in Disneyland on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride surprised fans in this amazing marketing campaign to launch the latest addition to the pirate movie empire “Dead Men Tell No Tales”.

Disney's "Mad Hatter Surprise"

at Disneyland!

C. Fitz produced this tricky shoot at Disneyland with Johnny Depp in Vancouver. Through the love of satelite images they surprised lucky Disneyland visitors who thought it was only a movie poster, until Johnny moved and came to life!!!


With hidden cameras and Johnny's fabulous quick wit this spot to promote Disney's "Through the Looking Glass" garnered over 11 million views on Facebook, and 2.5 million on YouTube. (link in our NEWS).


"Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth"

Produced for Denizen Group and Client: SnapDragon. We programmed 120 cell phones and placed them on our custom rig to take this incredible footage of some special acts in Venice, CA. A lot of technology and a lot of fun showing off the speed of the SnapDragon chip for Qualcomm.


Webby Winner"Best Bus Stop"

This hidden camera Webby winning digital spot had a lot of surprises at this Los Angeles bus stop. Reacting to our posters in the bus stop people got a thrill ride of a lifetime...Folks got picked up in a choice of A Lamborghini, A Horse Drawn Carriage, A bus with its own Cirque Du Soleil, A Farraris, A bus full of puppies, or an 8 dog drawn sled with its own Eskimo. The lucky person logging into our site was in for an experience of a lifetime on Qualcomm!

C. Fitz produced this branded content piece for the Denizen Group for Pepsi. It has reached almost two million hits for the brand and will be part of Pepsi’s #HypedforHalftime campaign during the 2015 Superbowl for the NFL.

Pepsi's Super Bowl

"The Tiniest Halftime Show Ever"

C. Fitz produced this branded content piece for Denizen Group and Pepsi. It has reached over a million hits for the brand and was part of Pepsi’s #HypedforHalftime campaign during the 2015 Super Bowl for the NFL Real bugs and some of the best entomologists were part of this amazing journey to create the “Tiniest Halftime Show Ever”.


"Best Seat in Baseball"

We produced this spot for Denizen Group and Qualcomm during a live San Deigo Padres game. We even got our real person up on the Jumbo-tron getting kissed. All he had to do is order up a kiss on his tablet! The speed of Qualcomm!

Showtime's "The Affair"

Network Branding Campaign 'Brace Yourself'

Dancing Pictures produced the new Showtime “Brace Yourself” network branding campaign working with talent from their new Golden Globe award winning show, “The Affair".

Dancing Pictures was thrilled to work with Showtime’s, Crystal Hall, on the high speed shoot with celebrities; Maura Tierney, Dominic West, Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson. and to be a part of the network’s new branding campaign.

Digital agency, DigitasLBi, and director, C. Fitz, asked laundromat customers what is #MusicToYourNose is this funny, entertaining branding spot for their client, GAIN laundry detergent.


"Go Further" Campaign

Ford's "Go Further" campaign highlighted Portland Oregon hero (and Ford owner), Anton Cobb. Fitz produced this spot over the course of several fun, rainy days with a small docu-crew. All the footage in the spot was shot, cleared and edited by the team. Anton starting raising money for the Oregon Food Bank by getting thousands of people to donate their lunch money in the public square outside his office. He sets up and collects ever Wednesday, rain or shine.Directors: Tom Putnam & Brenna SanchezAgency: Team Detroit

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