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A feature documentary that traces the history of a historical landmark night club, “Catch One”, and racism in a neglected Los Angeles neighborhood, and a remarkable and heroic woman who makes a difference in her community, Jewel Thais-Williams.

“Jewel has bestowed countless gifts of varied forms upon her community.  She noticed overt racial ostracism, so she single-handedly created a space where - for the very first time - everybody belonged, at the world-famous “Catch One” nightclub.  She also noticed a problem that plagues the entire country - a dearth of quality, fresh food in poor neighborhoods, so she

opened and operated a vegan café.  She saw her ailing neighbors go without critical healthcare services because they couldn’t afford them, so she put herself through graduate school and opened a non-profit health clinic, providing health services to everyone, even those who can’t afford to pay one penny.”  - Patient and Neighbor


Dancing Pictures started producing a feature documentary with C. Fitz in the director’s chair after winning numerous awards for her short film on Jewel. This documentary is nearing its final shooting days and entering post. Filmmaker, C. Fitz, feels honored to be capturing and working with one of this country’s inspiring community leaders.

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