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C. Fitz produced this mega-internet sensation that has over 11 million views on Facebook and 2.5 million hits on YouTube. It involved A-lister Johnny Depp surprising Disneyland visitors who thought at first it was just a movie poster for Disney's new "Through The Looking Glass" but then Johnny comes to life shocking and kabitzing with the mouse-ear wearing people. We produced this spot for the Denizen agency and it involved building, bubbles, shooting live between two countries (US & CANADA), Johnny and some 

fabulous participants we caught on our hidden cameras! Depp’s character is at the center of Through the Looking Glass, Disney’s sequel to 2010’s live-action Alice in Wonderland. YOUTUBE LINK: PRESS: (a few links for fun) Depp dons his full Mad Hatter costume and surprises Disneyland-goers via an interactive billboard fitted with a hidden camera. He winks, waves, and smiles at passersby, and at one point, he yells, “Ouch!” when a woman leans against the display. He also introduces himself, fittingly, as the “Had Matter” and asks to fit a child for a hat, telling her, “You have a wonderful cranium

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