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In late spring, 2011, Dancing Pictures was hired by SPIDERWEB STUDIOS ( (link is external)) out of New York City to create content for its client SIA (Security Industrial Association - (link is external)). Dancing Pictures dove into an internet campaign creating content that spawned the media wheel from editing over 20 videos, to an elaborate graphics package and film for SIA’s “2010 in Review” presentation, plus a live shoot in Vegas at ISC WEST. During the LIVE event director/producer C. Fitz and a small team simultaneously created several edited videos from the footage which were immediately posted to SIA’s website and IPHONE app!  

C. Fitz directed the videos and the hosted live talk show with such heavy hitter guests as Lynn Mattice (Executive Board of Advisors of the Security Executive Council), Ben Frankel (editor of Homeland Security Newswire), Mark Barry (President of Global Security Products for UTC Fire and Security), and Richard Chase (President of SIA.)

The Live feed went global as SIA’s 2011 NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE winners from Israel were interviewed about their victorious intervention SAFERISE: (link is external)

The reaction from the industry was incredible and the content was a huge draw to its new internet site. Viewers from all over the world tuned in landing SIA new traffic –to check out more go to: (link is external)

“Dancing Pictures prides itself on learning and being able to execute new technical trends. Teaming up with internet giant Spiderweb Studios and going LIVE at the ISC WEST show for SIA proved once more how diverse a company we are and how we continually work towards helping our clients create new content , gain customers and successfully advertise!”
C. Fitz

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