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British Sky Broadcasting’s SKY1 creatives teamed up with Dancing Pictures and C. Fitz to produce a colossal marketing campaign for its adventure movie "Treasure Island" due out in 2012. C. Fitz went on location to Puerto Rico with the SKY1 team producing both a print and promo marketing campaign that will blanket the UK for the release of the multi-million pound film.

C. Fitz was excited to work again with SKY1’s Geoff Trodd who directed the television campaign, creating several commercials

and Idents based on the pirate-themed extravaganza. C. Fitz pulled double duty by simultaneously producing a photography marketing campaign with world-renowned photographer, Mitch Jenkins, behind the lens. The elaborate print campaign will adorn billboards, posters and mobile advertisements in early 2012 with the film's release.

Fitz and the SKY1 creative team filmed all over the island on location (Selva Beach, Ceiba, Loiza, and Arecibo) with Eddie Izzard (who stars as Long John Silver) and the rest of the celebrity-filled cast, including Elijah Wood and Donald Sutherland.

“It was a unique shoot working with the local Puerto Rico crew, the SKY1 creatives and a huge cast of celebrities. We accomplished everything we needed to in order to promote the film to its fullest for Sky1. One morning we even chased the film's ship by boat to get the perfect shot for our print campaign. It was a complicated shoot that went brilliantly – my favorite kind!”   C. Fitz 

About the film and cast:

Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island will be made into a two-part drama for SKY1 airing this 2012 on SKY1 and the SyFy channels in the United States. The famous adventure story filmed in Ireland and Puerto Rico also stars some major acting talent such as Elijah Wood, Donald Sutherland, Eddie Izzard, Rupert Penry-Jones, Shirley Henderson and Keith Allen. With a multi-million pound budget and stellar cast, it is bound to be a classic worth waiting for. To see more about this exciting show go to:

Here is the link to vote and the video:

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