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When nightclub pioneer Jewel Thais-Williams took over the building at 4067 W. Pico Blvd. in 1973, it transformed from the kind of venue where Ella Fitzgerald had

to enter through the back to not offend white patrons into a spot where disco titan Sylvester could bring a full band out to play odes to black queer love.

POSTER. W ava.jpg

ARRAY Releasing announced the film collective’s eighteenth feature film acquisition, JEWEL’S CATCH ONE. Marking the second feature from woman filmmaker C. Fitz, the 

documentary explores the legacy of America’s oldest Black-owned disco club as well asthe life of businesswoman and activist, Jewel Thais-Williams,

Star Wars icon.jpg

Our executive producer, C. Fitz, produced this mammoth Star Wars movie marketing campaign for the December 2017 launch of "The Last Jedi" film for Disney.

With over 1.8 million views on Facebook the content was an instance social media hit.Clients: Fitz's production team worked with creative force The Denizen Group and client's Disney Studio, Lucasfilm, Verizon, Disneyland, and Comic Con.


C. Fitz produced this internet sensation that trended on the top 10 on Facebook for 2 days and on the top 20 on YouTube in the first day of its launch to promote Johnny

Depp's new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie "Dead Men Tell No Tales" by Disney.Fitz worked with Disney Studios and the Denizen Group.

Boston sold out .jpeg

Pioneer/Activist Jewel Thais-Williams and Director, C. Fitz, attended a sold out screening in the prestigious Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The diverse audience at the #WQFF2017 gave our team a

standing ovation and voted our film, Jewels Catch One Documetnary, BEST DOCUMENTARY. Thank you Boston!

Producer, C. Fitz from Dancing Pictures was the producer and the director of photography of Sharon Stone's short documentary on the incredible story of Sam Harris's life. Sam is one of the youngest Holocaust survivor's and appears in the film with Sharon telling his story of courage and survival.

C.Fitz is a creator, director, writer, and producer, as well as a television and marketing veteran. Her previous films include “Rancid,” “No More Roses,” “ShowGirls, Provincetown, MA,” and “A Tribute to Jewel Thais-Williams.” As a 

LFF 2016.png

filmmaker, Fitz often shines a light on and celebrates the real heroes in our world. 

"Jewel's Catch One" Documentary sold out screenings at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival on Presidents Day. Representative Maxine Waters, who appears in the film, introduced the film to a standing room only theater. Special

Pan African.jpg

 Guest Thea Austin, also in the film, performed at the screening and the after screening fundraiser for the Village 


We were honored to have our European Premiere at the prestigious London BFI Film Festival in October 2016. Jewel Thais Williams and Director C.Fitz presented the film to a great audience at the Prince Charles Cinema and received a standing ovation. Singer Thea Austin, who


Our documentary team is starting 2017 right! @JewelsCatchOneDocumentary was named to the "Best of Fest" at Palm Springs International Film Festival as well as picked up a Jury Award at their Indiana Premiere at the Bloomington Pride Film Festival.


Our feature documentary crew with director @c.fitz_ @thecatchoneclub and fabulous @theaaustinofficial on the red celebrating @jewelscatchonedocumentary at @urbanworldfilmfest. Congratulations team! #blacklivesmatter #inspiration#DoMore

Madhatter _HERO_still_highlight 11 mill

 a real movie billboard comes to life with the magic of technology and Johnny Depp. From a set in Canada Johnny 


@showtime new show | great cast! #Roadies premieres this spring | #marketing #life #CameronCrowe

cameron crowe.png

The incomparable "super smart" #CameronCrowe for showtime's freshman series #Roadies#2016

Our C. Fitz produced this social media advertising success for Disney and the Denizen Group. With hidden cameras staged at Disneyland 

Roadies premieres this Spring!

Shooting content for Showtime


@showtime new show | great cast! #Roadies premieres this spring | #marketing #life #CameronCrowe

Shooting content for Showtime.png

SHOOTING MARKETING CONTENT FOR SHOWTIME! #Promos | #BTS on set fun! Get ready for SHOWTIME’S “SHAMELESS”- Shooting content for the new season's marketing campaign @SHO_Shameless

Showtime's #BehindTheLens Series directed by @c.fitz

Managing social media for networks and celebrities

Behind the Lens.png

Showtime's #BehindTheLens Series directed by @c.fitz_ Loved working with this group of talented artists. Coming soon.

SS Show.png

MANAGING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR NETWORKS & CELEBRITIES. #AgentX Smart, fun new show on TNT! Great cast @sharonstone @olgafonda




SS rocks it as the VP!

Promo shooting at #TCAs

SS interview.png

It was an honor to film #SharonStone's magical evening and capture #SamHarris's story #Youngest#Holocaust #Survivor #HolocaustMuseum. “An Undeniable Voice” hitting the film festival circuit in 2016-2017. Keep the stories
alive.#history #education @sharonstone


SHOOTING MARKETING CONTENT FOR SHOWTIME! #Promos | #BTS on set fun! Get ready for SHOWTIME’S “SHAMELESS”- Shooting content for the new season's marketing campaign @SHO_Shameless

Shooting promos with Showtime

Shoot for Denizen and #Qualcomm


SHOOTING PROMOS WITH SHOWTIME | Marketing Special with the fabulous Beau Bridges | #TheDancingPictures | #Showtime | “Masters of Sex”

Denizen Balls.png

SHOOT FOR DENIZEN and #Qualcomm. #CrewPhoto in our #homemade #BallPit! #ThatsAWrap - pure joy after a shoot well done. #marketing #creativecontent#blurbliss #grammasters3

Shooting Special Marketing promos with SHOWTIME

for “Ray Donovan”

Ray Donovan Promo.png

Shooting Special Marketing promos with SHOWTIME for “Ray Donovan”

Every shoot is a great one with Katie Homes.

Ray Donovan 2.png

SERIES with Jon Voight #publicity #marketing #Sonycameras

madhatter_still pic_0_1.jpg

C. Fitz produced this mega-internet sensation that has over 11 million views on Facebook and 2.5 million hits on YouTube. It involved A-lister 

Johnny Depp surprising Disneyland visitors who thought at first it was just a movie poster for Disney's new "Through The Looking Glass" but then Johnny comes to life shocking and kabitzing with the mouse-ear wearing people.


We world premiered our latest documentary, Jewel's Catch One documentary!

Shooting the Premiere of Showtime's "Roadies"

C. Fitz directs encore shoot for fashion house BALLY

Shooting the Premiere of Showtime's "Roadies" with Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino, Imogen Poots, Rafe Spall, Cameron Crowe

C. Fitz directs encore shoot for fashion house BALLY with the amazing Jazmine Sullivan, Randy Jackson and other special guests for charity and fashion in Beverly HIlls, CA


Shooting @Disneyland for secret project due out in MAY.

Bally 2.png

C. Fitz directs for fashion house BALLY. This was a multi-cam shoot shot in Beverly HIlls, CA.

Disneyland Secret Project.png

Shooting @Disneyland for secret project due out in MAY.

April Dancing Pictures shoots Thelma Houston

Dancing Pictures and director/producer C. Fitz in final edit stage of their next feature documentary, Jewel's Catch One.

Thelma Houston.png

April Dancing Pictures shoots Thelma Houston for their documentary based on music, social justice and Catch One nightclub where Thelma danced and performed.

JC1 2.png

Dancing Pictures and director/producer C. Fitz in final edit stage of their next feature documentary, Jewel's Catch One. Due to hit the film festival circuit Summer 2016

Shooting Showtime Marketing Promo for Roadies in Spring 2016

Showtime's "The Affair" Season 2 Special Features Marketing Campaign

Roadies 2.png

Dancing Pictures shoots Showtime Marketing Promo for their freshman hit series #TheCircus and Roadies in Spring 2016

The Affair.png

Dancing Pictures joined Showtime's Special Features to create a marketing campaign for "The Affair", 2015 season. #GoldenGlobe Winner, #Showtime, #TheAffair


Showtime’s “Masters of Sex” star Lizzy Caplan sings “What the World Needs Now is Love."

Director C. Fitz worked with Showtime to create this beautiful


musical special featuring the talented Lizzy Caplan singing “What the World Needs Now is Love”

A glimpse behind the scenes of our project with Showtime’s Lizzy Caplan recording “What the World Needs Now is Love”
Produced by Dancing Pictures | Directed by C. Fitz Music Producer/Arranger: Stuart Brawley

Agency Denizen Group and Producer, C. Fitz, win a 2015 Webby

Dancing Pictures produces Showtime's "Ray Donovan" Marketing Specials

We won the "People's Voice" award! Creative Agency: Denizen Group | Producer: C. Fitz
We created this video to launch Denizen's YOUTUBE channel "HelloDenizen" and it worked really well. Over 9 million hits.


Dancing Pictures produced Showtime's specials for the launch of Showtime's "Ray Donovan's Season 3 premiering in July 2015.


A video C. Fitz produced to launch a YOUTUBE channel has been nominated for a 2015 Webby. It has over 9 million views. Just being nominated in this extremely competitive category is an honor.
One of the award's is open to the public for voting - "The People's Choice Award". That's where you come in!

Anton Cobb is a hero from Portland, Oregon. He donates his lunch money once a week and holds a collection in a public square, rain or shine. He has raised thousands for the Oregon Food Bank. Ford honored him

with this tribute story on their “Go Further” website. Client: Ford Motor Co., Agency: Team Detroit, Directors: Tom Putnam & Brenna Sanchez, Producer: C. Fitz of Dancing Pictures

Fitz produces Pepsi's digital Superbowl campaign "The Cutest Halftime Show Ever"

C. Fitz produces branded content that goes viral for Pepsi and the NFL


C. Fitz produced Pepsi’s “The Cutest Halftime Show Ever” to huge branding and internet success for the client. The Denizen Group was behind the sloth and “cutest” animal spot. 


million hits for the brand and will be part of Pepsi’s #HypedforHalftime campaign during this year's Superbowl for the NFL. If link on YouTube expires please see spots on our website.

It's reached almost two million hits for the brand and will be part of Pepsi’s #HypedforHalftime campaign during Superbowl XLIX for the NFL .

C. Fitz produced this branded content piece, "The Tiniest Halftime Show Ever", for Pepsi and the NFL for The Denizen Group. It has reached over a 

Dancing Pictures, C. Fitz, directs a Gain Laundry Detergent digital campaign

Dancing Pictures shoots Showtime's new "Brace Yourself" campaign

Kevin Music to Your Nose_0.jpg

C. Fitz directed a campaign of digital spots rich with "real stories" for ad agency, DigitasLBi, and their client, GAIN. In this latest spot for the laundry detergent giant, Fitz and her 


Dancing Pictures produced the new Showtime “Brace Yourself” network branding campaign working with talent from their new show, “The Affair.” The campaign stars Maura Tierney,

design team took a run down laundromat in Los Angeles and gave it a spectacular makeover. #GainBringsJoy, #MusicToYourNose

Dominic West, Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson against a moody Montauk. Dancing Pictures was thrilled to work with Showtime’s, Crystal Hall, and to be a part of the network’s new branding campaign.

Creating Content to Launch a Company

C. Fitz produces a 2014 Webby Award Winner for Denizen

Dancing Pictures helped launch and create a brand through video content for Spencer Trask’s new company, Vesselon. The content was rich with graphics and branding visuals, 

while introducing many of the extraordinary engineers and executives behind this innovative company that makes life saving devices. Working alongside their digital and website developer, Spiderweb Studio, Dancing Pictures created a multi-video branding campaign that cohesively marketed the new company.


Webby Award Winner 2014

C. Fitz directs TV Special for Fox International

C. Fitz produced this internet sensation for Denizen. "Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos" has almost 7 million hits on YouTube and featured all over the globe on media outlets such as

C. Fitz directed the US leg of an International half-hour TV Special for the STARZ Network's "Da Vinci's Demons" Season 2. Working with the creator, David S. Goyer, Fitz and her team put 

"Good Morning America", HBO's "Last Week Tonight", and NPR. This spot was created for the launch of HELLODENIZEN's new comedy YOUTUBE Channel.

Click Here to View this Internet Viral Success! 

Hamster 2.JPG
TitleCardFox International_0.jpg

together the voice of the spot. This year the half-hour TV Special looks behind the curtain and unveils cast and crew secrets of creating the successful series.

Marketing Promos with SHOWTIME


Dancing Pictures just completed two shoots with SHOWTIME. The first in mid-fall was a marketing shoot for their hit series "Shameless".  In November we were fortunate enough to shoot again with SHOWTIME for "House of Lies" with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell.

C. Fitz produced the hugely successful viral branding spot for the creatives at The Denizen Group for client's Snapdragon called "ULTIMATE SMARTPHONE PHOTOBOOTH".  The project developed the software that 

spoke to each of the 130 smartphones shooting stills AND video to create this amazing viral branding piece. From soup to nuts this spot took months to create the code, build the right rig, and find the perfect cast and location. It was worth it!


Shooting creative spots during a Major League baseball game and going viral “Best Seat in Baseball”

Dpic’s Promo Gains Honors with New Media partner, SpiderWeb Studio for Client, BERKAPPGROUP

Producing for creative agency, Denizen Group, C.Fitz and crew used client, Qualcomm’s technology to turn a nosebleed seat in a MLB stadium into the

Campaign: "Re-Inventing Mobile Business"              

Agency:, Producers: Rosemary FitzGerald, Michael Tang, C.Fitz

Production Company: Dancing Pictures, Creative Director: C. Fitz, Animation Company: Big City Publishing, Animator: Mark Marderosian.    

Digital media giant, Spiderweb Studios, partnered with Dancing Pictures to create a branding video (soup to nuts) for a new business strategy mobile AP from client, BERKAPPGROUP.  We developed an all animated approach with creative director, C. Fitz, to show off our new technology for future business solutions. Our new animated hero is already winning awards and hearts in the new media industry winning an Award of Merit honors at this year’s (“13) Best Shorts award festival. 


 best seat in baseball during live Major League games!

Dpics works with Fox UK to create long format programming around the creator of Starz' new original series "Da Vinci's Demons"

A 3.5 Million (Over 5 million worldwide) hit collecting viral video “Best Bus Stop Ever”

Fox International Channels’s creatives; Ade Sellars, Max Pickwoad and Tom Cropper tapped C. Fitz and Dancing Pictures to produce a half hour special for Starz’s new series,

C. Fitz recently worked with the social media creative giants, Denizen Group, producing a viral video that is sweeping up millions of hits – over 3.5 million and counting! (Over 5 million hits worldwide)

“Da Vinci’s Demons”. The special, “Genius In The Making” was so wildly successful, Fox International, Starz and the BBC decided to air the program across the globe in all their territories.

Check out the new series Da Vinci’s Demons at the link:

The video was shot in Los Angeles over two days – closing down streets to let puppies, a flash circus, horse and buggies, bright yellow Lamborghinis and Ferraris pick up unsuspecting real people at city bus stops after they signed into the special QUALCOMM website APP posted.  Dog sleds, Eskimos, hot rods, clowns driving busses and all kinds of surprises picked these lucky passengers up for a ride of a lifetime ---all for clicking on the mobile APP link created for the Qualcomm “I AM MOBILE” marketing campaign!  This video is sure to be a 2013 contender of viral video of the year!

Fox logo.jpeg

Dpic's shoots "True Blood" promo for FX

Dpics creates Video Rebrand for Morgan Freeman's production company "Revelations Entertainment"


FX tapped Dancing Pictures to create a promo with hot werewolf, Joe Manganiello, for their marketing of Season 5.  


This summer Dancing Pictures was elated to work with Morgan Freeman’sproduction company, Revelations Entertainment, on a company branding project.  The team at Dancing Pictures incorporated Revelation’s Oscar nominated scripted successes such as

“Invictus”, “Along Came a Spider” and their newest feature “The Magic of Belle Isle” starring Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen, while also weaving in their work in the unscripted TV world with series such as their Emmy nominated show “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”.   Heralding Revelations award-winning work and Morgan Freeman as a producer, actor and director has turned out to be one of the favorite projects in Dpic’s summer.   

Director/Producer: C. Fitz, Editor: Josh Negrin.

Fox International Channels and Dancing Pictures teams up for NCIS promo

"Treasure Island”


Fox International Channels along with CBS worked with Dancing Pictures to produce a unique, behind-the-scenes, story-telling promo for their latest season premiere of NCIS in the UK on FX.

Treasure Island 2.jpg

British Sky Broadcasting’s SKY1 creatives teamed up with Dancing Pictures and C. Fitz to produce a colossal marketing campaign for its adventure movie "Treasure Island" due out

The two-day shoot was shot on location at the NCIS Santa Clarita, CA sets using the cast of the award-winning, naval investigative series.

UK/US team: Lee Parker (Creative Director, FIC), Michelle Abel (Producer, FIC), Steve Hore (Director, FIC), Tom Cropper (Senior Creative, FIC), Jennifer Weingraff (CBS), C. Fitz (Executive Producer, Dancing Pictures).

 in 2012. C. Fitz went on location to Puerto Rico with the SKY1 team producing both a print and promo marketing campaign that will blanket the UK for the release of the multi-million pound film.


In late spring, 2011, Dancing Pictures was hired by SPIDERWEB STUDIOS ( out of New York City to create content for its client SIA (Security Industrial Association - is external))

British Sky Broadcasting selected Dancing Pictures to produce several commercials for the Emmy award winning show, “Modern Family.” Teaming up with 20th Century Fox and SKY1 from London, Dancing 

Modern Family.jpg

Pictures produced a campaign for “Modern Family” specifically for the UK audience. Dancing PIctures shot several commercials, a ‘behind-the-scenes’ shoot and an international press junket with the show’s celebrities on the live set of “Modern Family”.  

Dancing Pictures dove into an internet campaign creating content that spawned the media wheel from editing over 20 videos, to an elaborate graphics package and film for SIA’s “2010 in Review” presentation, plus a live shoot in Vegas at ISC WEST. During the LIVE event director/producer C. Fitz and a small team simultaneously created several edited videos from the footage which were immediately posted to SIA’s website and IPHONE app!  


Documentary “The Jewel of Los Angeles”

C. Fitz line-produced spots for Magic Box and the Jack Morton Worldwide Agency for their client, Gillette. These spots were shot all over Boston and the North Shore.  Mitch Rosenwald executive produced and Greg

A feature documentary that traces the history of a historical landmark night club, “Catch One”, and racism in a neglected Los Angeles neighborhood, and a remarkable and heroic


Roman directed for Magic Box. These spots were first launched on the web with over a million hits and growing.

woman who makes a difference in her community, Jewel Thais-Williams.

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